Aether 1.5.12 released

Aether 1.5.12 has been released. Current Aether users can download and install the update automatically by choosing “Check for Updates” from the Aether menu. For Mac App Store customers, the update can be dowloaded directly here:

Aether 1.5.12 provides full support for Macs with Retina displays, improved ADIF importing, and a number of bug fixes. Aether’a interface has also been updated, and includes a new application icon.┬áHere’s a complete list of changes:



  • Support for Retina displays.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed failure to properly handle certain rare errors that could be encountered during LoTW sync.
  • Fixed failure to read FT-1000MP frequency on certain bands.
  • Syncing with eQSL is now less likely to time out. Timeouts are now due to the server itself, not Aether.
  • Entering a callbook lookup source password before entering the username no longer causes an error alert to be shown.
  • Fixed a failure to download LoTW confirmations for certain QSOs in rare cases.
  • Better error message for certain failures when downloading confirmations.
  • Aether now correctly imports the exchange fields in ADIF files exported from fldigi.
  • Increased timeout duration when downloading from to prevent download errors.
  • Fixed incorrect padding around 4-digit frequencies in exported Cabrillo files.
  • Fixed bug that could cause column lines to be in the wrong place when printing.
  • Fixed rare bug that could cause station info to not be remembered.

As always, please direct any questions to

[email protected]