MacLoggerDX Version 6.13 released.

Dog Park Software has announced that version 6.13 of MacLoggerDX has been released.

What’s New in this version:

  • Added Keyer sound files to Shortcuts menu.
  • Added Error window for Confirmations.
  • Added Band and DXCC to Change Selected Log Entries.
  • Added Log panel Rag Chew search field.
  • Added setLogTimeOn, setLogTimeOff AppleScript commands.
  • Added real time upload option to Speed Log.
  • Speed Log – derive DXCC from Call and Mode from Frequency.
  • Log menu updated.
  • Improved LoTW upload error reporting.
  • Fixed Club Log update timing issue.
  • Fixed eQSL confirmations API change.
  • Fixed database is locked bug.

MacLoggerDX is The Mac Ham Radio Logbook choice in 112 countries. Features include:

  • Organizing and filtering the spots from your favourite DX Cluster for DXing, casual Contesting or rag-chewing.
  • MacLoggerDX supports close to a hundred radios, automatically tuning to the spots you are interested in, swinging your beam around.
  • Alerting you to rare contacts or Band Openings and looking up, displaying on 2D, 3D and Satellite Maps and logging your contacts to a super fast sql database.
  • MacLoggerDX can also text or email you when the Bands are open or that rare DX is spotted.
  • Awards Tracking, Band Activity, Schedules, Memories, QSL Generation, ADIF import, export, Club Log integration, eQSL, LoTW Confirmations and much more.
 This is a free update for all Version 6 customers and can be downloaded from: