An updated version 2.0.1 of WSJT-X has been released.

This just in from G4WJS:

Hi to all WSJT-X users on macOS,

there was a problem with the build of WSJT-X recently shipped as v2.0.1. It is both slow and liable to unexpected crashes. This was due to a slip up when making the release kit that included diagnostic options which should not be enabled for release builds.

A new DMG installer has been posted to the WSJT-X project web site ( and to the project Source Forge files area ( I urge you to download the replacement DMG and replace your current WSJT-X v2.0.1 application bundle using it.

One side effect of the incorrect build is that a trace file “$TMPDIR/WSJT-X_trace.log” will have been accumulating, you may wish to delete this file although the normal macOS background file cleanup tasks will do that itself after three days.

You may see a subtle performance improvement with the replacement v2.0.1 since it will not be writing copious trace information to disk, also even if you have not experienced the crash issue that is not proof that it will not happen during your next QSO, so please update your application.

Sorry for the inconvenience and 73