Please Support Ukraine 🇺🇦

The situation in Ukraine is dire.  Millions of people have been displaced, cities have been destroyed and many innocent people have been killed.
Throughout Europe people have been taking in displaced people from Ukraine.  We thank our European friends for providing food and shelter for so many Ukrainians in need.   If you can help, please Support Ukraine 🇺🇦
Our friends at RigExpert, a Kyiv based manufacturer of really good Amateur Radio Antenna Analyzers (with MacOS and iOS support) shared this on their website a few days ago about what life is like in Ukraine now.

35 days of the war. 35 days that divided life into BEFORE and AFTER.

We want to tell you how the lives of ordinary Ukrainians have changed, according to employees of Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd .:
“I have no job, no home. The same situation with my friends. At one moment, we lost everything we had built throughout our lives. Burst-fire and death stop movement between villages… »
“A missile exploded in front of my daughter. I hope that in time she will forget this horror. My daughter was 9. Now she has only one dream: for the Russian president to die and for someone to stop him. “
“The village is ruined. There is no more big prosperous village. Funnels are 4 meters deep and 15 meters in diameter. There are no houses. There is nothing left. The father is hiding in the cellar. He is already used to it.
And the main question on the phone while there is a connection: are you alive? “
“The biggest pain is break-up with the family. I evacuated my daughter and wife and stayed at home to work and help others. Taxes and money are the nourishing force of the Ukrainian Army.”
“35 days of the war. I’m losing my ability to analyze.
There are some who lost property. There are some who have suffered grief over losing loved ones, children, parents. Lives have stopped in an instant.
Unfortunately, many people will no longer be able to tell us about their tragedies. Just because their bodies evaporated in the flames of an air bomb explosion or were torn apart by Russian field missile systems.
The lives of all Ukrainians have changed. Now, most, even remaining healthy, experience physical pain due to the loss of many compatriots, relatives, and friends. Pain and anger.
There is a lot of love in each of us. But now, we are joined by pain and anger, two new feelings with which we need to learn to live. “
“We all realized that the most valuable thing is life. My elderly father miraculously survived. The Ukrainian military helped him leave his home near Lutyzh. Within minutes, people were shot and houses destroyed…
My sister and mother are still staying in Kyiv. Rockets fall every day. My relatives are being saved with the prayings.
My children and I are in Germany. The process of socialization is challenging. We survived; we escaped. But we dream of a future for our children, not begging abroad. “
“There is no safe place in Ukraine because Russia uses ballistic and cruise missiles, which it launches from the Black Sea, from the territory of the occupied Belarus, from its territory. Air alarm day and night is now part of our lives.”
We continue to live in new conditions: war, pain, death, still believing in Ukraine, partnership support, and humanity.
73 and Peace