FLAMP v2.2.12 now available

FLAMP is a program for AMP or Amateur Multicast Protocol. An FLAMP session will transmit one or more files with one or more iterations of the transmission. Each file is broken into blocks, each of which has a check sum. The receiving station saves the blocks that pass check sum. Successive transmissions will fill in the missing blocks provided that the new blocks pass the check sum. After the transmission sequence, the entire file is assembled and may be saved. “Fills” may be provided by retransmitting the entire file or by the sending station only sending the missing blocks. Start by downloading the current version of FLAMP from w1hkj’s website. Install the software as you would any of the NBEMS applications. You should also uninstall any older or development versions.

As with all of the FL suite, FLAMP supports PowerPC, Intel (i386) and Apple Silicon (M1) processors with individual downloads available for each architecture..  Download the latest version of FLAMP here.

Version 2.2.12 maintenance release

Compatibility/Modem Switch

* Add leading linefeed to [bxx:end] tags
* Add delay to allow FLDIGI the time to switch modems.

Document/GUI/Header Modem/Default Modems

* Update User Manual for recent changes.
* Estimated Relay transmit time not updating on TX panel modem change.
* Header Modem using interval timer RX state delay, corrected.
* Olivia Modem Names to Uppercase.
* Remove redundant TX_SEGMENTED check.
* Add code for relay repeat counters, interval timer.

font browser

* update font browser class to use std::list vice
computed array size to enumerate system fonts

Tabs/Relay Options/GUI/Fluid

* Save selected Tab panel state on exit
* Restore selected panel on restart.
* Corrected Widget Event Settings (FLUID).
* Add Header/Data Repeat Counters for Relay file transmissions.
* Add transmit time widget for relay files.
* Move relay auto save checkboxes to config panel.
* Corrected default Olivia modem tag names.
* Add code to correctly restore RX panel data on file selection changes.

Version 2.2.11 maintenance release

Missing Data Save / Documentation / GUI widgets

* Add code to save interval timer values
* Adjust GUI widget alignment
* Update user documents