Introducing B.B. Link Adapter – the adapter that connects iPhones and iPads to Kenwood TH-D75 and D74 radios.

We don’t get to post about new Amateur Radio hardware specific to the Apple Ecosystem very often, so we are excited to share this new product from Island Magic — Georges, WH6AZ, maker of RadioMail and Transceive. 

Product Details

Meet B.B. Link, the adapter that connects iPhones and iPads to Kenwood TH-D75 and D74 radios. With it, iOS applications like RadioMail can fully utilize the radio’s built-in KISS TNC packet modem. Plug it into the USB-C port of the phone, turn your radio on, and you’re set.


  • Pair with the radio once, and the adapter will remember it. It automatically reconnects whenever the radio is on and within range.
  • Automatically identifies the correct VFO for data connections and switches the radio to KISS TNC mode when an app connects.
  • Allows applications like RadioMail to change frequencies as needed.
  • Automatically returns the radio to its previous frequency and mode once you’re done.
  • Comes with a handy lanyard to keep your adapter within easy reach.
  • Over-the-air firmware updates using the B.B. Link Configurator app.
  • Flexible open source firmware.


This adapter only works with certain Kenwood radios, iOS devices and apps. Double-check you’ve got the right gear. You’ll need:

  • An iOS device with a USB-C connector, like the iPhone 15 or newer iPad models listed here
  • A Kenwood TH-D74 or TH-D75 radio
  • A packet application like RadioMail or that complies with the BLE KISS TNC specification

Note: While B.B. Link is designed to plug directly into USB-C, beware that the USB-C connector on the TH-D75 won’t power the adapter. The radio does not act as a power delivery host. If you want to use the adapter with a previous generation iPhone that lacks USB-C, a portable charge power bank can be used instead. 

Some phone cases may interfere with the adapter. The adapter provides about 2mm of clearance when plugged in. If your case is unusually thick, you may need to remove it for a proper fit.

What’s Included?

  • B.B. Link Adapter
  • Lanyard
  • Quick setup card


Install the B.B. Link Configurator from the App Store

Get the Operator Manual pdf file

B.B. Link Adapter is available for $69 at Island Magic