FT-Control for YAESU version 1.05 released

Master your YAESU transceiver from anywhere! Explore advanced SDR features and digital modes directly on your Mac

FT-Control for YAESU is an innovative Software Defined Radio (SDR) client designed specifically for macOS users, allowing comprehensive control and operation of selected YAESU transceivers. Developed to maximize the capabilities of the FT-710, FTdx-10, and FTdx-101 (D or MP) models, this app is your gateway to operating your transceiver seamlessly, both locally and remotely via the Internet.


  • Full Control Anywhere: Operate your YAESU transceiver locally at home or from anywhere in the world with an internet connection through the YAESU SCU-LAN10 network interface.
  • Integrated Digital Modes: Use built-in tools for FT8, FT4, PSK, CW, and RTTY and Weather FAX without the need for external software.
  • Logging: Maintain a comprehensive logbook with automatic logging, ADIF import/export, and seamless log submissions via LOTW and QRZ.com.
  • Dual VFO and Waterfalls: Manage dual VFO settings and view real-time dual waterfall displays for detailed frequency insights (dependent on transceiver capabilities).
  • DX-Cluster and Alerts: Stay updated with DX-Cluster integration and personalized alerts for desired callsigns, DXCCs, States or others.
  • Visual and Interactive Features: View radio spots in the waterfall display, check band limits, and see callsigns on a map complete with directional data.
  • CW Operation: Offers unique CW capabilities not supported by YAESU, including remote CW transmission via keyboard or a hardware paddle connected to your Mac’s USB port.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs running macOS 14 (Sonoma) or newer.


  • An YAESU FT-710, FT-dx10 or FTDX-101 (D or MP)
  • A YAESU SCU-LAN10 interface
  • The Transceiver needs to be connected to the SCU-LAN interface
  • The SCU-LAN interface needs to be connected to your local Network
  • No USB cable needed or supported
  • A Mac which runs at least Mac OS 14 (Sonoma)


  • Discover all features here: https://ham-radio-apps.com
  • Access the full Manual: https://go-to.me/ft-control-manual

Note: FT-Control for YAESU is independently developed and is not affiliated with or endorsed by YAESU Corporation.

Version 1.0.5 contains the following changes and improvements:

  • Improved (decreased) latency when selecting Small Buffer
  • Additional Button to quickly mute/unmute Audio
  • Roofing Filter difference between FTdx-10 and FTdx-101 regarded
  • A few other minor issues were resolved

FT-Control for YAESU is available now for $99.99 on the Mac App Store.