MacHamRadio was started in 2003 by Steve Muncy (NI5V), as a site intended to promote Ham software for the then newly released Mac OS X. Steve supported the site for five years before moving on to new endeavors.

In October 2008, Lee Imber (WW2DX), took the reins to keep MacHamRadio active and available as the #1 resource for Mac Ham Radio enthusiasts. Lee worked hard to continue Steve’s efforts and to help promote both amateur radio and the operating system that he loves.

While fully engaged with other projects, in Spring 2014 Lee asked Dave Wright (K3DCW)  to come aboard to help maintain and produce new content for the website. After several months, Lee and Dave agreed that Dave should take over full control of all aspects of the website in order to continue its development, growth and expansion.

In April, 2016 due to increasing demands on his time, Dave found himself unable to continue providing content for the site. In October, 2016 Steve Goldsmith (W1HS) took over the site.

This is where MacHamRadio 4.0 starts.   Where it goes is up to you.  As with all Amateur Radio, this is a group effort.  After all, there would really be no point to Ham Radio if only one person were involved, and much by the same logic, Mac Ham Radio is a community that needs your insight and input.  We welcome your contributions, and would like to get more Mac Ham Radio enthusiasts involved with providing content, reviews and suggestions for Mac Ham Radio going forward.  Please take a moment to contact us with your suggestions, product reviews, comments and other contributions.

Our goal continues to be much the same as that of Dave, Lee and Steve before us — To share our love of Amateur Radio , while at the same time introducing as many people as possible to the great Amateur Radio software available on the world’s greatest operating system — OS X macOS.  This news and information blog will continue to provide a platform for developers and users of Amateur Radio software for OS X, macOS and iOS to share and exchange information for the benefit of the hobby and  platform.

I want to thank Dave, Lee and Steve for their efforts and for entrusting me with the future of the site.


/Steve — W1HS