Pat v0.16.0 released

Winlink anywhere

Pat is a cross platform Winlink client written in Go. It runs on any modern operating system, including Linux, macOS and Windows.
Pat provides both a modern GUI and a powerful command-line interface. Pat supports Winlink templates/forms and is open source and free.


  • Message composer/reader (basic mailbox functionality).
  • Auto-shrink image attachments.
  • Post position reports with location from local GPS, browser location or manual entry.
  • Rig control (using hamlib).
  • CRON-like syntax for execution of scheduled commands (e.g. QSY or connect).
  • Built in http-server with web interface (mobile friendly).
  • Git style command line interface.
  • Listen for P2P connections using multiple modes concurrently.
  • AX.25, telnet, PACTOR and ARDOP support.
  • Experimental gzip message compression (See “Gzip experiment” below).

Gzip experiment

Gzip message compression has been added as an experimental B2F extension. The extension is implemented as a backwards compatible alternative to the ancient LZHUF compression.

This experiment is enabled by default and sessions between two Pat nodes (or other software supporting this B2F extension) will use gzip compression when transferring messages. For more information, see

Changes in release 0.16.0:

  • Major overhaul of the template/forms engine (bug fixes and enhancements)
  • Add low-level support for packet node traversal (connection pre-hook)
  • Add support for administering Winlink password recovery email address
  • Always auto-convert images when using CLI composer (remove prompt)
  • Fix missing /tmp folder in Docker image
  • Fix error handling in interactive command ‘freq’

Complete documentation and download is available at