SDR++ is a cross-platform and open source SDR software with the aim of being bloat free and simple to use.

SDR++ Features

  • Multi VFO
  • Wide hardware support (both through SoapySDR and dedicated modules)
  • SIMD accelerated DSP
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX and BSD)
  • Full waterfall update when possible. Makes browsing signals easier and more pleasant
  • Modular design (easily write your own plugins)

Changes in latest version:

  • Added M17 decoder module
  • Added higher FFT sizes up to 512k
  • Added support for Bias-T in the BladeRF source
  • Added option for Low-IF mode with SDRplay SDRs
  • Fixed bad center tuning behavior
  • Fixed missing network sink by default (You will have to reset your config or add it manual if you’re updating from an old version)
  • Fixed freeze/crash on VFO remove
  • Fixed missing depends field in the .deb files
  • Lots more bugfix

Note: The MacOS package doesn’t create an icon, run sdrpp in a terminal to run SDR++. Also, it’s is missing quite a few source modules, please wait a few more days for me to fix that.

Important: See readme for dependencies, the MacOS and Ubuntu/Debian packages don’t include them.

More information can be found on the SDR++ website

The latest released version of SDR++ can be downloaded from github, where you can also download the latest pre-release nightly builds.