SDC Version 17.16 released

SDC — Software Defined Connectors is a set of programs for amateur radio stations available for Windows and MacOS and includes the following functionality:

SKM Server — CW, RTTY, BPSK skimmers. Support TCI, IQ, Audio stream, DAX+SmartSDR API, Full SmartSDR API:

Telnet Server — Creates a telnet server to collect data from multiple spot sources and transmit it over a single port. It can automatically start SKM server and connect it to transfer points.

COM Spider — Creates any connections between COM ports. Transferring a COM port over the network to a remote computer. Transmits CW signal (DTR / RTS) to a remote computer, keeping switching intervals.

RIG Sync — Synchronization of receivers, transceivers and programs of all types. Uses its own polling system to allow fast synchronization. You can sync with OmniRig and SDR client programs that support ExpertSync protocol over TCP connections or TCI interface.

Remote Audio & COM port — Creates remote connections for audio streaming and COM ports.

Audio Mixer — Creates any audio stream connections. Splits stereo to mono and vice versa. Separates volume controls for each audio stream.

Audio Scope — Creates windows for monitoring spectrum and waveform of audio signals.

PA Control — Controls a Power amplifier. Uses data from client TCI or RIG Sync. Generates a PTT signal. Works with amplifiers that support KENWOOD, ICOM or ELECRAFT protocols.

Contest — Built-in Contest Program

DIGITAL, MACRO and many other subsystems…

Download the latest version of SDC now.