SmartSDR is now available for your Mac.

Marcus, DL8MRE announces the release of SmartSDR for MacOS.

This is a fully functional version of SmartSDR which runs natively on MacOS. It is available now on the Mac App Store for $149.99

SmartSDR for Mac is the big brother of SmartSDR for iOS. However, it is a complete separate native Mac Version with many additional features. It does not use Catalyst and thus it provides the full Mac look and feel.

SmartSDR for Mac comes with integrated FT8 and FT4. No Cables, Audio drivers, settings – just do FT8!

External Software support

However, if you like to use your external Software, SmartSDR for Mac has an integrated CAT and DAX interface.

Several additional Tools

Several additional Tools are also integrated like a Logbook with ADIF Export and a Call lookup tool and a DX-Cluster as well as a Band-Map Tool.Spots, also from the FT8 Tool and the Band limits will be displayed inside the panadapter.

Doing CW on the road

CWX and CW Macros, easy to use and well integrated.

External Microphones

You can use the included Speaker and Microphone of your Mac but any external Audio device is also supported, like here an external USB Microphone.

No PC needed anymore

No need anymore for a separate Windows PC, Bootcamp or Parallels! Now you can setup SmartLink from inside this App.Y ou can also update the Firmware of your Radio or even install Country TURF Files.

Panadapters and Slices

You can display as many panadapters and slices your Radio is capable of.


You need to have a FlexRadio Signature Series Rig such as the Flex-6300, 6400, 6400M, 6500, 6600, 6600M, 6700 or 6700R device. To run the App, you need a Mac running at least macOS 10.15 (Catalina). There is no relevant RAM or Hard drive requirement, but a fast CPU would be an advantage if you like to use multiple windows at the same time. Your Radio needs to be connected with a LAN cable to your local Network. Your Mac can be connected to your local Network using a LAN Cable or WiFi.

Feature comparison:

Now available on the Mac AppStore