Fldigi v4.2.04 now available

The development team led by Dave, W1HKJ have announced the latest release of Fldigi.

Fldigi is a modem program for most of the digital modes used by radio amateurs today: CW, PSK, MFSK, RTTY, Hell, DominoEX, Olivia, and Throb are all supported. It can help calibrate a sound card to a time signal and do frequency measurement tests. As with all of the FL suite, Flrig supports PowerPC, Intel (i386) and Apple Silicon (M1) processors with individual downloads available for each architecture. Download the latest version of Fldigi here.

Version 4.2.04 * Maintenance release
     PO files
      * Add Catalan ca.po
      * Update Greek el.po

    MS <EXEC>
      * add read from std pipe

    xmlrpc remote log
      * set xmlrpc execute timeout to 10.0 seconds for all fllog

    font browser
      * update font browser widget class to use std::list
        for enumerating fonts

    gpio ptt
      * correct gpio export routine

    MACRO tags
      * Add missing trailing '>' to macro tag string definitions

    RsID Rx button color
      * remove from button initialization list

    hamlib 4.6 bug fix
      * hamlib 4.6~git changes creates incompatible call with
        previous versions of the library

    FMT zombie
      * fix potential thread zombie if FMT modem shut down
        during a log write
      * added Mike to list of developers in About dialog

    Squelch Macro tags
      * Add
            <SQL:on|off|t>       Digital Squelch on, off,toggle
            <SQLCH:nnn>          Digital Squelch level, 0..100

      * Correct macro functions

    JTSDK build
      * changes required for building in mingw JTSDK environment

    metar report
      * add unprocessed ob: line as a report option

    Log fields
      * add MY_STATE
      * trim leading/trailing blanks
      * add UK counties to counties list
      * changed short form to blank when NIL selected for state
      * store fldigi version number in SQSO.txt file
        . regenerate list from internal string if version number
          does not match with executing binary
   Version 4.2.03 * Maintenance release

    FSQ sounding CR/LF
      * add newline character at end of Sounding report
      * correct thread loop counter test
   Version 4.2.02 * Maintenance release

    fsq coding error
      * correct coding error reported by Ken, AD5XJ
    Version 4.2.01 * Maintenance release

    fsq sounder
      * change sounder squelch to only ch_sqlch_open state
      * recode sounder as a separate thread

    FSK port
      * missing port assignment when NOT using shared port

    Cloud log update
      * add color indicators to validate cloud log connection

    frequencies2 list
      * add Save/Load to specific file
        . "Clear" button changed to three state function
          click - clear list with confirmation
          SHIFT-click - load from file
          CONTROL-click - save to file
        . last load/save filename saved between executions

    gnuc warnings
      * gnu++ 11.17.xx warnings

    flrig auto shutdown
      * move closure point to just before destroying the xmlrpc instance


    Light Buttons
      * add missing buttons to configuration color control

    OFDM_2000 OFDM_2000F
      * stub out all references to these two modes

    New XMLRPC Command
     * Add "modem.get_io_names" Transfers 8 bit safe modem list

    Serial i/o
      * port serial i/o changes from flrig

      * set_msg_icon segmentation fault when parent widget is NULL