WSPR Watch for IOS version 4.7 released

WSPR Watch for IOS is a utility for ham radio users of the WSPRnet, PSKReporter or Reverse Beacon network. Quickly shows who can hear you and details of each spot.

Tap a spot in the table to look up the call on

Export produces a tab delimited CSV file that can be sent to Numbers for sorting, filtering and graphing beyond what is in the app itself.

What’s New in Version 4.7:

  • Show errors from WSPRnet – was failing silently
  • Fix WSPRnet olddb which has changed
  • Dots on chart more clearly show Tx or Rx
  • Faster drawing on Mercator map
  • Support back to iOS 16.0
  • Show first name in spot info

Version 4.6 released on November 11, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Added a setting to show the spots on a map in Mercator projection, so you see the whole world.

Version 4.5 released on October 30, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Reduce text size on smaller screens to avoid clipping
  • Shows the data source name at the top of the spot list rather than “WSPR Watch”
  • Hide the spot info if you change tabs to help VoiceOver
  • Hide icon names in settings from VoiceOver
  • Don’t wrap spot cell text items
  • Improvements to VoiceOver reading of the spot list

Version 4.4 released on October 23, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Remembers the selected tab and goes to it on next launch
  • Show progress during WSPR generate
  • Show mode in spot list
  • Display lat, lng in WSPR tone generator
  • Tap the lat, lng to copy to clipboard