Announcing SDR Control for Icom – iPad version

SDR-Control for iOS


Now available on the iOS App Store

Software Defined Radio Client for Icom Transceivers
and your iPad

SDR-Control is a full featured iPad App to operate your Icom Transceiver at home or from around the world without additional Hard- or Software.

It has never been easier to operate your Icom Rig.
Many fully integrated features – not just remote control.
Works with your Icom IC-705, IC-7610 and IC-9700.
Uses WiFi or LAN (no USB required or supported)

FT8 integrated

SDR-Control comes with integrated FT8 and FT4. No Cables, Audio drivers, settings – just do FT8!

FT8 has never been easier

  • FT8 Has never been easier
  • Auto mode
  • Auto CQ
  • Auto Logging
  • Filters
  • Display on Map

Integrated Logbook

  • ADIF Import / Export
  • UDP Log submission
  • Call Lookup
  • Worked before
  • Lookup
  • HamQTH Lookup

Whenever you want
From wherever you want

  • using your local WiFi
    or from around the world over the Internet
  • No extra Hardware needed
  • No extra Software needed
  • No recurring costs

And even more…


SDR Control for Icom can be used for the following Icom Transceivers:

  • IC-705 (via WiFi)
  • IC-9700 (via LAN cable)
  • IC-7610 (via LAN cable)

USB Connections or other Transceivers are not supported. 

The App runs on any iPad that is running at least iOS 15. There is no other relevant requirement. You can use the cheapest and slowest iPad available from Apple or the newest iPad Pro at any screen size. This App is no catalyst App and it was developed and designed specifically for the iPad.

In order to access your Radio from the Internet from a remote location, certain settings in your Router (explained in the Manual) are necessary for Data passing to and from the Transceiver.

If you have purchased the App once from the AppStore (thank you!) you can run it on several additional iPads with any number of Icom Transceivers you own. No additional purchase is necessary. You only have to use one and the same Apple ID on all your iPads.

SDR-Control for Icom iPad version is available on the App Store for $44.99