Introducing xCluster: A Mac DXCluster Map App

Spots are created using the latitude and longitude of the dx station and spotter. The program has a call parsing component to determine the country for each call but can use for more accurate location data. Lookup priority is with the the call parser as a backup.

Peter, W6OP, writes that this program as a programming exercise and also because he uses VE3SUN DX Monitor on Windows and wanted to fully migrate to the Mac. It does not currently have a lot of functionality other than spot display and call and band filtering but he will slowly add to it as time goes by. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments on or email him at [email protected] and he’ll add things as he goes along.

He will not not be adding any rig control code in the near future and if he does it will only be for the Flex Radio 6xxx series.


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