xCluster version 2.1.2 released

Spots are created using the latitude and longitude of the dx station and spotter. The program has a call parsing component to determine the country for each call but can use QRZ.com for more accurate location data. Lookup priority is QRZ.com with the the call parser as a backup.

xCluster 2.1.2

xCluster has been updated and enhanced.  Many new features and performance enhancements have been added. For an overview see the original post introducing xCluster for the Mac. Please see the manual on the downloaded dmg file for all of the update details.

Release Notes;

  • Performance and stability bug fixes.
  • Eliminated flashing when spots are updated.
  • New features added.
  • Gui redesign.

New features:

  • Clicking on a spot in the list will set a light blue line under the line so you can watch it.
  • Enhanced the spots on the map to show the last 15 spots for that call.
  • Added tab for status messages and removed status display at bottom of list.
  • Refined dark mode colors.
  • Added highlighting of a row for call, country or frequency.
  • Added VHF band filter for frequencies above 6 meters.
  • Added free form cluster command input.

Download: https://w6op.com/download/xcluster/

More information at https://w6op.com/2022/xcluster/