Fldigi v4.0.1 now available

After an unusually long time between releases, the hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.0.1.  This is a major upgrade release, with new functionality, bug fixes, performance improvements and new documentation.  Full details are available in the ReadMe file available for download and below this announcement.

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 4.0.1 Upgrade release

  • new functionality – Winkeyer interface
  • improved modem performance
  • improved logbook performance
  • updated documentation
  • Russian translation file

OS X 10.12 build

  • Compile changes for OS X Darwin 10.12 Clang build


  • Change adif field STATION_CALL to STATION_CALLSIGN
    compliant with adif specification

Free BSD mods

  • Compliance mods for current version of Clang compiler

Logbook mods

  • Update log field LOTWSDATE for each record sent to LOTW when the upload file is created
  • clear LOTWSDATE field if lotw rejects submission or fails to respond within 25 seconds
  • insure that lotw review dialog closes on program exit
  • restore tabular sort order when adding a record

Default Tx Audio

  • Change default audio output to both channels

remove sprintf

  • change all remaining occurances of sprintf to snprintf

Documentation update

  • New documentation for winkeyer interface

n3fjp logger search

  • set initial search for n3fjp server to 5 second
  • fopen -> fl_fopen
  • update to UDF-8 compatible fopen call

48 bar macro

  • allow user to select above / below Rx/Tx panels

CW decoder

  • Improved CW decoder
  • removed user adjustable signal level controls
  • added automatic tracking filters for Rx signal level
  • tracking filters change parameters with detected
    WPM. Not Kalman, but better than fixed.

DX cluster

  • Update dxcluster QSY to correctly align signal to sweet spot
    when transceiver is in a CW mode.
  • add ability to respond to password prompt

Logbook support

  • Add checkband test to new log entry before writing record
  • Added BAND control to log view, contest tab
  • fldigi does not use the BAND field, it is present as a convenience for exporting or importing from log programs that do use it.
  • the control is on the contest tab since that seems to be
    the most common use for BAND (e.g. field day event).
  • OS X file naming dialog drops the “.adif” extension.
  • add code to insure newlog etc have the correct extension.


  • Added embedded WinKeyer interface

fsq ifkp s/n computation

  • Additional change to s/n measurement

fltk version update

  • update all fluid generated source and header files

Macro Date Time Formats

  • Allow user to specify the date time format using strftime format strings
    • <ZT> becomes <ZT:”%H%M%S”>; <ZT:”%H:%M:%SZ”> etc.
    • <ZT:fmt> fmt is the strftime format string if the ‘:fmt’ is not in the macro tag then the
      current format is used

lotw addition

  • Add jt9 modes for lotw upload
  • Allow up to 7 numerals in frequency element

THOR/IFKP Image transfers

  • Add auto save Rx images to
    • Thor
    • IFKP
  • Corrected IFKP send image sequencing
    – pic%[T] where T is image scale was not being
    send before the image fascimille.
  • Added Thor and IFKP image transfer using the
    <IMAGE:fname> macro tag

ifkp s/n update

  • Change to s/n measurement
    • noise measured over full range of possible signal bins
    • noise referenced to 3000 Hz bandwidth

fsq s/n update

  • Change to s/n measurement
    • noise measured over full range of possible signal bins
    • noise referenced to 3000 Hz bandwidth

OSS bug fix

  • Add missing parenthesis to reverse audio test – bug fix submitted by Guiseppe, IZ1QZE

PSKMAIL PTT fault protection

  • add REQ(…) to show_tx_timer function call

Logbook File Handling

  • Change new log file naming paradigm
  • move logbook open/save/merge to a separate sub-menu
  • Change logbook merge logic
  • discover and cull duplicates in both current and merge records
  • write duplicates to adif file for user review
  • annotate Rx Panel with user information on merger

Russian UTF-8 translation


  • Correct and update various tooltips

n3fjp contest update

  • Add read next serial to send from n3fjp logger
  • Add send TXTENTRYSERIALNOR to n3fjp generic logger
  • Add new macro tags
    • <SERNO> current serial number
    • <LASTNO> last serial number
  • add support fields for N3FJP NAQP contest logging

Hamlib/RigCAT/XMLRPC Interface

  • Hamlib (K5JAE)
  • Add user adjustable poll rate
  • Add Defaults button
  • Modify activation of controls based on hamlib selection
  • RigCAT (W1HKJ)
  • removed btnRevertRIGCAT & associated functions
  • toggle Initialize button state with change in rigcat enable
  • toggle Initialize button state with change in xmlrpc enable
MacHamRadio.com source: fldigi readme.txt, updated 2017-03-28