Fldigi v4.1.05 now available

The hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.1.05.  This maintaneance release of Fldigi brings several bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..  

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 4.1.05 – Maintenance release

  * LoTW fllog
      add fllog update for LoTW sent date
  * Modem macro
      translate generic
      to equivalent
      for UI display and RsID transmission
  * Close Logbook
      force write of logbook on closing program
      - insure action occurs in main thread
      add date/time/line# annotation to all logged events
  * eQSL
      add 5 second wait for response to eQSL post and other remote network queries
      added aging to network log file, 'network_debug.txt' last 5 log files retained
      all external network events logged to aid in debugging network failures.
  * cty.dat
      update cty-dat.cxx internal data file