Fldigi v4.0.13 now available

The hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.0.13.  This release of Fldigi are maintenance releases with a couple of bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..  Full details are available in the ReadMe file available for download and below this announcement.

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 4.0.13

  • Language Translation
    • Added po translation files to support Greek
    • Updated Polish translation file
  • cw t/r – doc update
    • Correct error in handling t/r OFF in CW modem
    • Updated documentation
  • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Change initial center freq and range based on current waterfall tracking frequency and modem bandwidth.
    • left click on waterfall transfers modifies center frequency and frequency scaling
  • TS990 tune feedback
    • Prevent Tx/Rx state feedback from changing from Tune to Tx.
  • OS X CW
    • Changes to reduce cpu load during CW transmit
  • FSQ/IFKP clear tx panel
    • Clear tx panel when T/R returns to RX
  • deadman
    • Add an idle deadman timeout
  • Image transmit
    • Fix broken IFKP avatar transmit
    • add macro tag to insert avatar <AVATAR>
    • add ^a text tag to insert avatar
    • add ^i text tag to insert image
      • ^i[pathname_to_file]
    • external text file tags for avatar / image
      • @^a
      • @^i[pathname_to_file]
  • flrig race
    • Fix race condition on OS X when initiating PTT via xmlrpc client to flrig
  • CW Sweepstakes
    • Add support code for CW sweepstakes logging
      • update N3FJP logging i/o
  • CW no tx char, correct no tx character behavior
    Tab behavior is different than all other modem types:

    • Tab pauses transmit, then resumes sending when new text is entered.
    • Ctrl-tab pause transmit, moves the insert text to just after last character transmitted. Another (ctrl-)tab goes back to the end of the buffer and resumes sending.
  • timeops
    • another solution to the clock-get_time problem