Fldigi major revision v3.23.00 released

The Fl* development team has released a new major revision of Fldigi. Now on v3.23.00, the open-source, cross-platform digital mode software incorporates numerous changes and introduces a new digital modem to the Fldigi set: IFKP.

Among the major changes are:

  • Introduction of the Icremental Frequency Keyed + (IFKP) Modem
  • Change in the cross compiler version
  • Modifications to Olivia, Contestia, and FSQ modems
  • Numerous additions and changes to the Macro options
  • Many more

As with all of the FL* suite, Fldigi v3.23.00 for OS X continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; however, separate downloads are available for each so make sure you download the correct version. Fldigi can be downloaded from the W1HKJ download page.