Flamp v2.2.03 released

The developers of Fl* suite of software have released v2.2.03 of Flamp. Part of the open-source NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software)Flamp is used for Amateur Multicast Protocol (AMP) messaging and is developed by the team behind the other FL* programs, such as Fldigi.

Flamp v2.2.03 incorporates numerous fixes and additions, including:

  • Base256 with compression failed crc checksum. Use common crc routine for both tx and rx
  • Drag and drop crash on Linux. URL encoded spaces in the filename passed to DnD resulted in a controlled (programmed exit). Exit code removed and replaced with warning message. URL encoded %XX scanned and replaced with converted values
  • Reinstated xmlrpc timeouts
  • Tagsearch Class pointer checked before deleting memory
  • Auto saved Folder name format changed to YYYYMMDD and corrects one day offset
  • Add option in the autosave folder name to be set in UTC or local time
  • Update copyright dates in altered/updated files

Amateur Multicast Protocol is used to reliably send and receive data files and messages. Each message is broken into blocks, each with their own checksum. Blocks that pass the checksum are kept while blocks that fail will be discarded. As the message is retransmitted two or more times, missing blocks are automatically received and the complete message is assembled. Additionally, the receiving station may request “fills” asking the sending station to send only the missing blocks. Flamp is used by a variety of digital nets, including the Salvation Army Team Emergency Network (SATERN) digital net, the Western Pennsylvania ARES net, and the Second Generation Amateur Radio Network (SGARN).

As with FldigiFlamp is available free of charge for both Intel processors and the Power PC architecture.  Flamp, along with other software of the FL* suite can be downloaded here.