KLog v0.9.2 now available **UPDATED**

Jaime Robles, EA4TV, has just released v0.9.2 of his KLog logging software for OS X, Linux and Windows.

In addition to several bug fixes, Jaime has added a few new features, including:

  • ClubLog integration: You can upload a QSO in real time to Clublog.
  • Help with DX-Marathon: The DX-Cluster warns you if a spot is needed in the DX-Marathon edition.
  • Autocomplete option from previous QSOs.

As always, Klogis available absolutely free of charge, and Jaime welcomes anyone who may want to join the KLog team with coding, translating, documenting, or doing any other task that may help KLog.

KLog is available in Spanish and English translations. The KLog users’ mailing list (English) can be found HERE while the KLog Developers’ mailing list can be found HERE.

This latest versions of this free software can be downloaded HERE or HERE.

UPDATE – After the release of v0.9.2, a bug was discovered that prevented band and mode information from being saved properly when entering a new QSO. As this is a critical bug, Jaime rushed out v0.9.2.1 of KLog containing a fix for the bug. The new version can be downloaded from the links above.