Fldigi v3.22.02 released **Updated**

The Fldigi development team has released v3.22.02 of their open-source, cross-platform digital mode software. This is a maintenance release focused on fixing any bugs that may have crept into the software during the recent version update from v3.21 to v3.22.

Among the most significant fixes are:

  • Correction of MT63 and Olivia signal generation
  • Modification of RTTY/PSK viewer to eliminate modem specific code
  • Some additional macro tags
  • Fix for bug that prevented the embedded signal browser from remembering size and position between session.

These are just a few of the fixes. The full list of updates can be found in the change log.

As always, Fldigi v3.22.02 for OS X continues to support both PowerPC and Intel chipsets; however, separate downloads are available for each so make sure you download the correct version. Fldigi can be downloaded from the W1HKJ download page.

Update: On 2 December the Fldigi development team released another update of v3.22.02 to correct the often-reported “Red X” shutdown crash that was the result of certain configuration settings conflicting with OS X. New versions of the software, with the same version numbers, were uploaded to the Fldigidownload site.