flcluster v1.0.5 now available

The W1HKJ team has released an update to  flcluster, a program for accessing dxcluster nodes.

flcluster can connect to and display data from DX cluster servers. The three most common server types are A← R-Cluster, CC-Cluster, and DX Spider. flcluster is designed to work stand alone or as a helper application to fldigi. It can move call, mode, and frequency data from a spotted QSO to the appropriate fldigi controls. It can query fldigi for the same items when generating a spot report.

Sat Jan 16 06:58:31 2021 -0600 Version 1.0.5
* Maintenance release
* Remove -lregex from mingw build scripts

* Fix various compiler warnings

FLTK 1.4
* Change m4 script to test for >= version 1.4
* Remove reference to Surface device

UTF-8 strings
* strip UTF-8 BOM characters from pasted strings

Download flcluster.