QSO Upload Utility version 1.3.3 released.

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM), the author of RUMlogNG, RUMlog2Go,KAT500UI and other macOS and IOS ham radio applications has released version 1.3.2 of his standalone QSO Upload Utility for macOS.  It is available for download for $2.99 now via the App Store.

QSO Upload Utility sends new logged, deleted or edited contacts to several online services. Following online logbooks are currently supported:

* HRDLOG.net
* HamQTH
* Club Log
* eQSL
* qrz.com

A secured https connection is established and the official real time API from the applicable service is used.

Two data sources are supported currently:

* N1MM compatible broadcasts from your logger (RUMlogNG tested)
* WSJT-X (UDP server reports)

WSJT-X reports only when a new contact was logged. Editing or deleting a QSO isn’t possible.
Only new logged QSOs will be uploaded to eQSL. It is not possible to edit or delete an entry.


New in version 1.3.3:

  • Corrects the band information for uploaded adif files. 80m QSOs were not formatted correct.
  • Silicon ready

QSO Upload Utility is available for download now for $2.99 via the App Store.