New QSO Upload Utility released.

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM), the author of RUMlogNG, RUMlog2Go,KAT500UI and other macOS and IOS ham radio applications has released a new standalone QSO Upload Utility for macOS.  It is available for download now for $2.99 via the App Store.

QSO Upload Utility  sends new logged, deleted or edited contacts to several online services.

This stand alone application gets data over the LAN and works with:
  • WSJT-X
  • RUMlogNG (version 3.12 required)

The following online logbooks are currently supported:

  • HamQTH
  • Club Log
  • eQSL

Initial release notes:

  • Always a secured https connection is established and the official real time API from the applicable service is used.
  • Two data sources are supported currently:
  • N1MM compatible broadcasts from your logger (RUMlogNG tested)
  • WSJT-X (UDP server reports)
  • WSJT-X reports only when a new contact was logged. Editing or deleting a QSO isn’t possible.
  • Only new logged QSOs will be uploaded to eQSL. It is not possible to edit or delete an entry.

QSO Upload Utility is available for download now for $2.99 via the App Store.