QSO Upload Utility version 1.2 released.

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM), the author of RUMlogNG, RUMlog2Go,KAT500UI and other macOS and IOS ham radio applications has released version 1.2 of his standalone QSO Upload Utility for macOS.  It is available for download for $2.99 now via the App Store.

QSO Upload Utility  sends new logged, deleted or edited contacts to several online services.

This tool is a great addition to WSJT-X, RUMlogNG or any other N1MM UDP broadcast compatible logger to send your logged QSOs in real time to the following services:
New in version 1.2:
  • Ready for Mojave

QSO Upload Utility is available for download now for $2.99 via the App Store.