DQSL Manager script for MacLoggerDX updated to v0.09

On Friday, 3 October, a new version of the DQSL manager Apple Scripts from NR5K for MacLoggerDX were released. The v0.08 update fixes the LoTW upload and download issues that appeared this past week. If you are running v0.07 or older, you should update to v0.08 at least to prevent future problems.

On Tuesday, 7 October, v0.09 was released bringing LoTW and eQSL selective confirmation to MLDX.

That is two new versions in a matter of four days!

The most recent files can be downloaded from the MLDX Yahoo Group, at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/macloggerdx/files/DQSLManager_v0.09.zip