RUMlogNG – Sneak Preview 2

As reported here back in October, Thomas Lindner (DL2RUM) is busy developing the newest version of his popular logging software, RUMlog. Tentatively entitled RUMlogNG, the software is still in preview development, but it is coming together quite nicely.

Tom has been gracious enough to allow me to share some photos in the past and I’m here to share another set today. This is perhaps my favorite new feature (so far).

With the DX Cluster, you can find DXCC or band/mode combinations that are unworked or unconfirmed; that is nothing new. What is new is a Paper/LoTW filter that allows you to select whether the DXCC band/mode combinations are checked against all of your QSLs, just those from LoTW, or just those from Paper. This allows someone who may have DXCC on paper (or mixed) to chase after ones that they have yet to match in LoTW, or vice versa. Changes in the selection are reflected in real-time on the Spots window, allowing you to see exactly how you may have the DXCC confirmed.

A second filter allows you to show only spots from stations that use LoTW, only eQSL, both LoTW and eQSL, or simply show all stations. This helps make the chase to DXCC using LoTW (or DX awards on eQSL) easier by only showing stations using those systems if that is your wish.

RUMlogNG is under current development and I hope to bring you news of an open beta or even a release date soon.

Thanks, Tom, for sharing your project with MacHamRadio!