RUMlogNG version 3.0 is now available.

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM) recently released v3.0 of RUMlogNG for direct download or via the App Store.

Due to introducing support for the Touch Bar, nearly all parts of the code were touched. There are not much new functions, but due to internal changes the major version number was increased.

The Touch Bar may change the way you work with RUMlog.

Other changes in this release include:

  • Fixed: Contest – Callsign check will be performed now after clicking in band map or dx-spot window – Tnx EA3HOE
  • Change: TRX control macros for Elecraft will be stored now per model (K3, KX3, KX2)
  • New: Support for new Touch Bar
  • New: CQ marker in contest band map
  • New: QSL label Avery 3658 (33.8 mm x 64.6 mm auf DIN A4 3 x 8)
  • New: Köln-Aachen Herbstcontest (DARC)
  • New: ARRL Sweepstakes contest
  • New: HA-DX Contest

RUMlogNG is a HAM radio logging, QSL handling and printing tool, especially made for the short wave DXer, made by a DXer. Basic logging features are included for the higher bands up to 1.2 cm and for satellite. RUMlogNG can handle an unlimited number of logs and an unlimited number of QSOs per log. Clublog data are used for automatic DXCC recognition. A contest module is included and you can run RTTY directly using Fldigi or your Elecraft transceiver.

As always, RUMlogNG is available free of charge via the Mac App Store or for direct download HERE.

You can find out more on the RUMlogNG user forum as well as on their Facebook group page.