hamClock v1.4 released

hamClock v1.4 has been released for MacOS.

hamClock is a MacOS app that displays a local and a UTC clock on your display.   Some logging programs don’t display a clock, and hamClock is a great way to keep track of time.    There is also an ID timer for those times when you get wrapped up in a ragchew and need to be reminded to identify yourself.


  • HAM Radio operating clock
  • Multiple customizations available
  • Call Sign timer – remind yourself to ID every 10 minutes.

What’s New in Version 1.4

  • Added ‘Right-click’ menu option to remove the time ‘shadow’ from the display.

hamClock is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Thanks to Jeff, VA2SS for the tip on hamClock.    Is there a MacOS or IOS Ham Radio Application you think the world should know about?  Please let us know!