HAM-Toolbox version 1.3.4 released

The ultimate utility App for every HAM-Radio Operator

HAM-Toolbox provides a variety of useful Tools to help you operating your HAM-Radio.

The Tools are ranging from activity monitoring Tools like DX-Cluster and PSK-Reporter, to Tools helping you with resource information like Bandplan, Glossar, AWG and many more Tools.

HAM-Toolbox also has a built-in radio integration, so that you can directly tune to spots from the DX-Cluster and other tools. During logging, the appropriate fields for the frequency and mode will be automatically filled.

With a one-time purchase you gain access to all of the following Tools on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.


  • POTA
  • DX-Cluster
  • PSK-Reporter
  • Reverse Beacon Network
  • Call-Lookup
  • Locator
  • Beacons (especially NCDXF)
  • Repeater
  • DTMF Generator
  • CW Encoder and Decoder
  • Frequency List

· LOGBOOK: HAM-Toolbox comes with a fully featured Logbook.

  • Inspect and edit your existing QSOs
  • Easy-to-use logging interface
  • Maintenance (Data completion from QRZ.com, Duplicates finder, Mass change)
  • LOTW and QRZ.com log submission
  • Integrated Call-Lookup with possibility to update QSO
  • Worked/Needed statistics for CQ-Zones, ITU-Zones and DXCCs
  • Map with worked grid locators representation
  • iCloud-Sync with multiple devices (compatible with SDR-Control and SmartSDR)


  • Ohm’s law
  • VSWR
  • Dipole-Antenna
  • Groundplane-Antenna
  • HB9CV-Antenna
  • Helix-Antenna
  • dB Conversion
  • Wavelength


  • Bandplan
  • Glossar
  • Morse
  • AWG
  • CTCSS-Codes
  • Formulas
  • Q-Codes
  • Abbreviations
  • Constants

Find out more here: https://ham-toolbox.com

Read the Manual: https://go-to.me/hamtoolbox-manual

Changes in version 1.3.4

  •  added option to choose between “send by” or “received by” search inside PSK Reporter Tool
  • improved flexibility of date/time input inside QSO logging window
  • fixed date update on “clock” tap inside QSO logging window
  • added option to lock RST, QRG and Mode fields inside QSO logging window
  • time on will be automatically updated til first modification after saving a QSO
  • added option to specify the Operator Call Sign inside Logbook Settings
  • connections on the Logbook Map will now trace to your location specified for each QSO
  • added UTC clock inside the sidebar
  • added state column inside the Logbook table

HAM-Toolbox is available now on the App Store for $14.99.  Once purchased, you can download the app on your iPhone, iPad and on your computer.