Tone Explorer App for IOS

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.58.57 AM

This app was recently very useful to compare oscillations viewed from the time domain and from the frequency domain in the audio range. I recently used it in a Technician class we are offering.

You may enter the audio frequency from the keyboard or manipulate the waveform on the screen, hearing the changes all the while. One may show the traditional oscilloscope view of an audio tone – with the time marked on the horizontal axis and your choice of a sine wave, a square wave, a sawtooth wave or a triangle wave. Or, you may view the spectrum analyzer view – with frequency on the horizontal axis and a single “big dot” instead of a spike registering the frequency and amplitude of the chosen wave. In this mode you may have either a linear or dB scale for the amplitude and the horizontal axis is marked in Hz. Touch “big dot” and move it around to change the frequency or amplitude. This is called the “Parameter View.”

You may show both views on the screen at the same time and this is what I have used in class most. “Pinch” the wave form and see the changeon both graphs at once. Touch or drag the “big dot” and see the same effect. Use the legends on the axes to provide exercises for converting wavelength and frequency.

If you are a music teacher or musician you will also like the tuning for many instruments, the ability to label by notes of the scale, and for ear training of intervals. I could have avoided buying my electronic guitar tuner, too.

This app has been invaluable in the Technician course, but it also may have lab applications when you need an audio tone for testing. And, it’s just fun to play with. It’s $1.99 at the App Store.

George W9ZSJ