Station Snapshot – G0URK


Welcome to another edition of Station Snapshot. This time, we are traveling to the UK and visiting the shack of Joel, G0URK. Unlike some of our previous Station Snapshot subjects, Joel is a new Mac user, having only been using OS X for a few months.  Joel writes:

“I have only had the Mac for a few months. It is a 21.5 inch iMac running Mavericks. So far, I have managed to get EchoMac working well on it, but am having a little trouble with CocoaModem locking up on TX, although it is working fine on RX — I need to revisit that.  The Mac is connected to an FT450D with a Tigertronics SignaLink USB.  This is my first Mac.”

Joel also shared the following picture of his shack:

Joel continues on saying, “I also have a Raspberry Pi using Freestar SW running a DStar gateway on 2m. I also have an ID51 anniversary edition along with an IC-7100 running on 4m.  I recently installed Microsoft Office for Mac which was very easy and the only thing I missed when I ditched my PC.”

Well, Joel, welcome to amateur radio on OS X.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a new Mac user or a long-time expert, the key is getting involved in the aspects of the hobby that interest you and finding the best ways to enjoy it using OS X. Thank you for your submission, Joel, and we all hope to see you on the air soon.
If you’re reading this and are interested in having your station profiled as a Station Snapshot, send a brief description of your station, hardware and software in use, along with any interesting tidbits of information to [email protected].  We will profile one station every week or two and you will be able to share your hobby with other MacHamRadio users around the world.