Station Snapshot – KL0S

Welcome to another edition of Station Snapshot. This time, we will be visiting the shack of Dino (KL0S) and Toby (KL0SS) Papas, who share a shack and a love of all things Apple.

Dino shares; “I’ve been licensed since 1969 and have been using Apple/Mac computers since 1979. My Apple II (which I still have!) was my first RTTY “green screen” using Chuck Galfo WB4JMD’s software and interface design; my article in the October 1982 of 73 Magazine described that setup. Nowadays the Mac Pro does the ham work with W7AY’s cocoaModem for RTTY, Fldigi & Flrig for various other digital modes, WSJT-X and WSPRAether for logging, and EchoHam for EchoLink. Digital I/O via USB direct and a microHAM Digi Keyer. MacDoppler runs the VHF/UHF satellite station and the Mac version of WXtoImg brings in weather satellite pictures.”

“To my chagrin I also have Windows 8.1 installed on one hard drive for native applications and Fusion and Crossover on the Mac side for those few occasions where there is no equivalent Mac application. An old XP laptop at the workbench does the instrument I/O.”

That is a very nice and well equipped station you have there, Dino. Hold onto that Apple II; it may be a valuable piece someday! Thank you for sharing your Station Snapshot.

If you’re reading this and are interested in having your station profiled as a Station Snapshot, send a brief description of your station, hardware and software in use, along with any interesting tidbits of information to [email protected] or [email protected]. We will be happy to profile your station you will be able to share your hobby with other MacHamRadio users around the world.