Using MacDoppler to work Amateur Satellites

Today we have a guest post from Craig (W1MSG) who is sharing some information about working the Amateur Radio satellites.

I had been using Windows computers for a lot of years; and for controlling the satellite station I purchased a license for SatPC. This is by far the most used software for working satellites, but it is only for Windows. When I recently converted to the Mac, I did some searching for a native Mac program for working the satellites and found MacDoppler from one of the links on After giving it a quick test I purchased the license and have been very impressed with its operation. I also decided to purchase the MacLoggerDX logbook software and have now converted all of my logs from Ham Radio Deluxe.

MacDoppler has excellent rig control, automatically adjusting frequency for the doppler shift, and can directly log your contacts into the MacLoggerDX software. It makes for a flawless operation and allows you to focus on making contacts rather than “driving” the computer.

I hope this short article has peaked some interest in Satellite use, its really a lot of fun and I have a couple of video screen captures on YouTube. I will be adding more video as time allows.

The first video is a SSB satellite contact with a station in Spain.

This video is of a SO-50 FM bird pass. The FM pass shows just how busy some of the satellites can get.

Thank you, Craig, for taking the time to share this aspect of the hobby and for making the videos showing MacDoppler in action.