JT-Bridge v1.4 released

Fresh on the heels of the v1.3 release, Anders Östlund (SM0THU) has already released v1.4 of JT-Bridge. Version 1.4 adds several new features requested by users and supports new options from WSJT-X v1.5-rc1.

Included in the v1.4 release of JT-Bridge is:

  • Support for the UDP broadcast feature of WSJT-X 1.5-rc1. This allows for multiple instances of WSJT-X to be running, and for new decodes to be detected and logged over a network.
  • User-selectable fonts in the JT-Bridge decode table
  • Double-click a CQ in JT-Bridge starts a reply in WSJT-X
  • Distance/Bearing colums added to JT-Bridge decode table

As with previous versions, Version 1.4 supports MacLoggerDXRUMlogNGRUMlog and Aether with QSL checking as well as logging direct to the logbook. Additionally, JT-Bridge can set the transceiver frequency from either MacLoggerDX or RUMlogNG.

Instructions on setting up the new features, as well as configuring existing preferences, can be found on the JT-Bridge documentation page.

As always, JT-Bridge can be downloaded free-of-charge here.