Fldigi v3.23.04 released

On 15 October, the Fl* development team released v3.23.04 of Fldigi; the open-source, cross-platform digital mode software.

This new version of Fldigi incorporates a few fixes and updates, including:

  • Corrected CW filter bandwidth implementation
  • Added support for image transmission using THOR-11, THOR-16 and THOR-22 modes
  • Changed the update check location to SourceForge
  • Changed the merge behavior when parsing unknown field names during log import.

As with all of the FL* suite, Fldigi v3.23.04 for OS X continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; however, separate downloads are available for each so make sure you download the correct version. Due to a denial of service attack earlier in the month, Fldigi is currently being hosted solely on SourceForge and is available for download here.