MacLoggerDX v6.0 Announced

Don Agro, the developer behind the successful MacLoggerDX logbook program, has announced the planned release of MacLoggerDX v6.

Don writes: “In order to provide continuing support and enhancements to MacLoggerDX, Dog Park Software will be issuing new registration numbers for the upcoming release of Version 6, currently in Beta. Version 5, released in February 17, 2009 included 64 free upgrades over 6 years and we are planning the same aggressive update and support schedule for Version 6. Naturally, no one is obligated to upgrade, version 5 will continue to work in the environment it was registered for, support is still available and internal database updates will continue for years to come.”

By moving beyond the v5 framework, Don will be able to focus on adding new features and capabilities as well staying current with new OS X features and development trends as they happen. With all effort focused on v6, no further development will take place on v5, but internal database updates will continue for the foreseeable future.

Currently in Beta release, MacLoggerDX v6 already includes a few fixes from v5 and includes support for dogparkSDR software for Flex Radio Signature series SDR radios. One of the new features showing the integration between MacLoggerDX v6 and dogparkSDR is the display of spots from MacLoggerDX v6 on the SDR waterfall display.