MacLoggerDX v6 released

Before Christmas, Don Agro announced the first full release of MacLoggerDX v6. Version 6 requires a new registration and registration numbers, with discounts available for those having purchased MacLogger DX v5 after 1 November 2014.

Among the enhancements in this first release of Version 6 are:

  • Display DXCluster spots in dogparkSDR
  • MacLoggerDX/dogparkSDR port conflict fixed
  • uH Router Version 1.93 (K2NP) included in Extras
  • Added Alfa Spid ROT1 driver
  • Added reloadLog AppleScript command
  • Update Selected Log Entries speeded up x2.5
  • Improved Station location entry.

MacLoggerDX v6 requires an Intel 64-bit processor and OS X v10.9 or newer.  MacLoggerDX v6 can be downloaded here.