Using the MacLoggerDX DX Cluster to feed Fldigi

The development team behind Fldigi is always working to add new features to the entire Fl suite. One of the most recent changes will undoubtedly be of interest to users of Fldigi and MacLoggerDX.

The newest Alpha test build of Fldigi now includes support for the UDP feed from MacLoggerDX. This allows click and tune operation of Fldigi from DX Cluster Spots in the MacLoggerDX feed.

To configure this option, first you need to download the latest Alpha test version of Fldigi v3.21.08 here. Once installed and started, go to the Configure menu and select “User Interface”, navigate to the “Log” tab and the “MacLogger” sub-tab to find the single check box “Connect to MacLogger”. Once enabled, make sure the UDP feed is enabled in MacLoggerDX‘s preferences and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind, the Alpha test versions are under development. That means there may be bugs, some of which could be major, in this development and testing software.  Use of the Alpha test versions is at your own risk. If you are uncomfortable with that, then you should wait until the release of the v3.21.08 final.