Auto-import Fldigi QSOs into MacLoggerDX

I’ve been working on a setup to allow MacLoggerDX (MLDX) to auto-import logs from Fldigi without the need for an AppleScript triggered by a macro button in Fldigi. This setup will work regardless of whether Fldigi or MLDX has rig control, unlike other AppleScripts in current use that prefer rig control by Fldigi.

This is done by monitoring Fldigi’s TEMP folder for the file log.adif. This file is created whenever a QSO is saved to Fldigi’sprimary logbook. If you monitor this file, you can use it as a trigger to execute an AppleScript that imports the contents from the log.adif file into MLDX. When the import is complete, you then can delete the log.adif file and continue to monitor it so that when the next QSO is saved, you can repeat the process all over again.

Setup is rather simple, but does require the use of the Terminal and command line; so if you’re uncomfortable with the command line you should take this approach very slowly, making sure you understand what each step does and follow the commands exactly.

If you are interested in this capability, feel free to download the necessary files here. Full setup instructions in PDF format are provided within the download.