SmartSDR for iOS v1.2 Now Available

FlexRadio Systems announces the release of SmartSDR for iOS v1.2 is now available for download or update from the Apple App Store.

This App requires a FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6000 Signature Series Software Defined Radio (SDR) Device. However, the App also contains a FlexRadio Simulator (Demo Mode) that provides an approximation of the App’s features so you can evaluate this App even without owning a FLEX-6000 SDR.

This Update 1.2 provides many improvements and additional Tools.

  • SmartSDR 1.10.x compatibility
  • USB Cable support (BCD band data, Bit, CAT, LDPA)
  • DTMF tone code generator
  • iCloud and iCloud Drive support
  • Few minor bugs were fixed and some cosmetic changes are included

DX-Cluster Tool Improvements:

  • HamQTH and call lookup
  • Searching
  • Show all or individual Spots on a Map (Globe) including distance and bearing

New Features:

Logbook Tool:

  • Quick log entry
  • Easy log information completion with integration of HamQTH and
  • ADIF Import and Export via iCloud Drive and Email
  • Log Synchronization with additional Devices
  • Log Display on Map (Globe)

Griffin PowerMate and Behringer Controller Tools:

  • Support for the Griffin PowerMate BT Controller
  • Support for the Behringer CMD Micro MIDI Controller
  • These Controllers can be used to control your FlexRadio
  • Wireless Bluetooth LE support for the Griffin PowerMate Controller
  • USB cable support for the Behringer CMD Micro Controller
  • re-defined default Button/Control/Slider and LED assignments
  • Custom assignment using built-in Mapping Editor

SmartSDR for IOS v1.2 can be downloaded from the Apple App store.