June Poll — What is your primary mac-in-the-shack?

Greetings Mac Ham Radio enthusiasts, and welcome to June!

Each month we ask our readers something about their involvement in Amateur Radio and how their Mac or iOS device helps them be an active Amateur Radio operator.

As always, your answers are anonymous. We’re not going to use your poll responses to market at you, and we’re not going to sell your information to someone else who will.   Mac Ham Radio has always been, and will always remain non commercial and without advertisements.   We’re just curious how Mac Ham Radio enthusiasts integrate their passion for their mac/iOS devices into their Amateur Radio obsession.

This month, we’re asking  “What is your primary mac-in-the shack?”.    You can view and take the current Mac Ham Radio User Poll by going to our homepage, www.machamradio.com, you’ll find it on the right side of your page.

May’s poll was “What contests / sweepstakes /events did you participate in over the past 12 months?”.  You can view the results of it, and all of our previous polls at View previous MHR User Polls.

73, and thanks for being part of the Mac Ham Radio community.