Fldigi v4.0.18 now available

The hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.0.18.  This update release of Fldigi brings several bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..  Full details are available in the ReadMe file available for download and below this announcement.

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 4.0.18 maintenance release

CPS testing
* Fixed broken test routines

ipv6 addressing
* Force socket to open IPv4 address when dns returns
both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

MT63 centering
* Modify MT63 to lock “center” of tone sequence to
1500 Hz in audio passband. Request make by SHARES.

fsq mods
* Mods submitted by Mike Smith, N4VLF
– add 1.5 baud
– increase Rx averaging to 15
– add time stamp to monitor text
* modify # parser to replace slash character in fname with a period

Hamlib bug fix
* submitted by Darrin, KA2ZLZ
* rig_cmp function being passed to std::sort in
src/rigcontrol/hamlib.cxx was returning true if the items are equal

* Fix 8PSK short preamble tooltip

* changes dictated by new revision of nanoIO sketch

IFKP/THOR greyscale image
* Add grey scale image transfer via macro call
– auto scales to one of the following
. 59×74 color/greyscale
. 160×120 color/greyscale
. 240×224 color/greyscale
. 640×480 color/greyscale
. 240×300 color/greyscale
. 120×150 color/greyscale
– macro usage:
. <IMAGE:G,[fname]> greyscale
. <IMAGE:[fname]> color

THROB adif
* Change THROB adif logging to THRB, THRBX without reference to speed

RigCAT dialog
* Change label on TIO restore
– current label easily confused with saving the startup state of
the transceiver.