JT-Mapper version 1.0.4 released

When you run JT9 and JT65 using WSJT-X, have you ever wondered where in the world all those stations you are hearing are?

Carl, WG1V certainly has, which is why he wrote a little R program to map them all in real-time. That tool is called JT-Mapper, and if you’re running WSJT-X on a Mac or Linux, he’d love for you to give it a try and let him know what you think of it.

Changes in JT-Mapper Version 1.0.4

I added one enhancement and fixed a bug in this version in preparation for creating a new more dyanmic version of this program (that will be version 2.0) which has a different set of mapping engines.

  • Added signal reports to the station labels. Now you can see the strength of the signals you’re receiving as well as the call signs.
  • **Fixed a bug in the FT8 refresh code. I was incorrectly calculating which stations were recently heard, which occasionally resulted in no heard tags.

JT-Mapper can be downloaded from github.