xCW Memory Keyer for the Mac

The xCW memory Keyer can run on the Mac while SmartSDR for the Flex Radio 6000 series is running in a virtual PC or even on another PC on the same network. You do not need xDax or xCat as xCW Memory Keyer handles all control functions on its own. xCW works great with dogparkSDR, SmartSDR for IOS  and xSDR6000 if you prefer an all Mac solution. If you use dogParkSDR you don’t really need xCW as dogParkSDR has a CWX program built in just like SmartSDR does.

The primary advantage of xCW is if you run multiple CW stations you can easily switch between them.

Requires Mac OS 10.15 Catalina: Apple has a new programming technology called SwiftUI that helps build Apps that work on both IOS and Mac OS. I wanted to learn it so I built this app as a programming exercise. Having done that I thought I would share it with others to get some feedback. There are some limitations but meanwhile it is a quite usable app.

There are 10 memories and you can use the buttons on the memory panel or the front panel to send each message. There is also a free text area you can type in and send.

xCW Memory Keyer can be downloaded for free here.