DX ToolBox Version 6.0.0 released

Black Cat Systems has released version 6.0.0 of DX ToolBox for MacOS.

DX Toolbox searches the world for you, gathering information on solar and geomagnetic conditions that affect radio propagation. DX Toolbox has several built in propagation forecasting tools. It includes databases of SWBC stations, and NDBs.  An active internet connection is required to use DX ToolBox.

DX Toolbox displays in real-time the following important readings:

  • Solar Flux
  • A-Index
  • K-Index
  • X-Ray Flux levels
• X-Ray flares
  • Solar Wind
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Radio Blackout conditions
  • Geomagnetic Storm conditions
  • Solar Radiation Storm conditions

In addition, the last month’s worth of Solar Flux, A-Index, K-Index, Sun Spot Number, and background X-Ray Flux are plotted.

November 17, 2020 – 6.0.0

Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements. Added FM Stations window
Added TV Stations window
Added an alarm feature to the Ionosonde window. Fixes for macOS Catalina.

Added SDRuno option in preferences, for inter-application communications Added graphs of x-ray flux
Added solar flux graph
Added Geospace Activity window

Added Mediumwave Logbook window. – Under Development! Added TIS Stations window.
Added AMBC Station Information window.
Added VOLMET / Maritime Weather Schedule window. Added VHF/UHF FCC Database window.

Added predictions of upcoming events to the Jupiter Emissions window. Lots of small UI tweaks, improvements, and fixes.
Updated/removed some data source URLs.
Updates/bug fixes related to updating FCC files.

Removed some data sources that no longer exist.
Updates/bug fixes related to updating FCC files.
Fixed several minor bugs in the satellite tracking window.
Fixed a bug with the propagation map – hops not always displayed Updates for NOAA/SWPC data sources.
Added Federal TIS stations.

DX ToolBox is free to try out. If you decide to continue using it,  you can purchase a copy for $24.99.

DX ToolBox can be downloaded from Black Cat Systems website.