KLog version 1.4.6 has been released

Jaime Robles, EA4K, has released version 1.4.6 of the free KLog logging software the multi-platform free ham radio logger for macOS, Linux and Windows.   This release includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Jamie says that this is a very special release, even if not too big, because the work has not been done by EA4K 🙂

KLog 1.4.6 changes have been coded by EA5WA who is working hard to understand how KLog is done and sending many improvements, comments, testing support to the users and during the last weeks also code! (Congratulations!)

 January 2021 - 1.4.6
 - Bugfix: Improved the way the QSOs come from WSJT-X. (EA5WA)
 - UI: Changed QRZ to Callsign.

January 2021 - 1.4.5 
- Added the FST4 and FST4W modes. 
- Added the RS-44 satellite. 
- UI: Changed "Config Dialog" to "Settings". (TNX G4MKT)

Enjoy KLog and join the Telegram groups and mailing list to discuss about KLog!

You can download KLog for free and find more information about it on the KLog website at: